Sherwin Team

About Our Cleaning Services and Company

For years, Sherwin Porec has been serving Chicagoland's, exclusive homes, and businesses including corporate offices, retail chains, financial institutions, houses of worship, showrooms, and other commercial properties. No matter the size of the residential, commercial or industrial job, we offer you the very best service and workmanship at the same price or below the cost of conventional carpet cleaning companies. We are the best at what we do because it is the only thing we do! Contact us to learn more.

Our Carefully Planned Maintenance Program: 

We have developed the first practical and realistic total carpet care maintenance plan to help keep your carpet's appearance at the highest possible level and we tailor it to your individual needs for high and low traffic areas. 

The Benefits of Our Regular Care for Substantial Savings:

Too often carpets are allowed to remain soiled for an extended period of time and then a miracle is expected. These stains are usually impossible to remove with a once-a-year cleaning, but a simple maintenance plan can control any problems. Carpeting thrives on simple, regular care preventing costly premature carpet replacement. You save money because your carpets will last longer and you will get the most for your maintenance dollars. 

Guarantees Unique to Our Carpet Cleaning Business: 

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